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Community Service

Serve the community with organizations from all over Pakistan!

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Get to learn about exciting new course with ExtraGuide AI Pro!


Partner up with friends and schoolmates to win events all over Pakistan!

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We all want to apply to fantastic universities all over the world - get to know the deadlines in our calendar!

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Find exciting certifications by simply asking ExtraGuide AI for directions!

ExtraGuide AI ⚡

Browsing enabled, versed on all of our university deadlines & activities, trained on multiple successfully admitted activity lists – ExtraGuide AI is here to help you build that ivy-league ready application!  

University Deadline Calendar 📆

A compilation of university admission dates, ranging from universities in Pakistan, to the US, Turkiye and more!

"...the extracurriculars. And I was able to get an admission into LUMS!" 👏

Ali Akbar


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Any Questions? We have Answers!

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How will Qalam Extracurricular work?

Once you purchase a package, you will instantly be given access to our Extracurricular Database, which has categories ranging from computer science, to environmental management. You will also be sent emails as new extracurriculars come along to inform you of new opportunities! 

Will you help us do the activities?

We will help you with guidance and direction, but not in actually doing the activity. This means that while we can recommend you go for a particular co-curricular and give you the link for it, we would not be hosting them or providing any certificates ourselves. These would be provided by the platforms we recommend.

Can Extracurricular AI help me in choosing activities?

Absolutely! Extracurricular AI is synced with all the activities in our database and is more than ready to help on your academic journey.

There are a variety of abilities it holds, which you can find detailed here!

What type of extracurriculars do you have in your database?

On Qalam Extracurricular, our team posts a variety of opportunities for students to access. This ranges from online courses, certifications and activities to in-person internships, events and community service. Our main focus is online, in order for our extracurriculars to be accessible to most students.

Will Qalam Extracurricular really help in building an activity list?

Absolutely! Qalam Extracurricular holds enough online courses and in-person activities for students to truly diversify their portfolio. We have provided a focus on online extracurriculars, which are much easier to do, incredibly accessible and quickly achievable. If you follow the advice on Extracurricular AI, this is something which can be extremely lucrative for your applications!

My university deadline is soon. Can Qalam Extracurricular help me?

This really depends on what you mean by soon. If it's within a few days, that might be difficult. However, if you have a week or more, it is entirely possible to spend a good few hours on learning and garnering certifications which can prove to be incredibly helpful on your applications!