How Qalam Works

1. Choosing a Package πŸ“¦

From the various counselor AI and extracurricular packages available, choose one that fits your goals best!

2. Activate Email βœ…

After package confirmation, an email will be sent out asking you to confirm incoming emails from Qalam.

Confirm your subscription and begin your success story with Qalam! πŸŽ‰

3. Get Access πŸ”“

Once you have purchased your package & confirmed the email, your account will be provided access to all theΒ includedΒ features! This will be present on your account page, linked here.

If your membership is activated, they will be visible and clickable, just like above.

4. Let's Secure Admissions, Together 🀝

With all the features now in place, let’s get moving towards your academic goals backed by the Counselor AI!