About Us

Humble Beginnings 🌟

Qalam was founded in the February of 2022, when our team saw a gap in both content creation and local admissions.Β 

As a group of friends from Lahore, we didn’t really know much individually. However, sitting together in video calls, our combined knowledge allowed us to first coin the term “Qalam.”Β 

Thus, began the story of Qalam Counseling!

Our Story πŸ“”

During A-Levels, many of us at Qalam applied to a variety of universities all over Pakistan and abroad.Β For both, there was a clear gap in the resources available.

In spite of a host of counseling firms available, none really offered helpful content.Β 

That is what we saw as both an opportunity and starting point. Thus, using our expertise in websites and content creation, we set off on our journey! 🚒  

Our Goal πŸ‘‹

Since being founded in 2022, Qalam has steadily worked towards being a tech-boosted counseling firm, providing content to students all over Pakistan. 

Our wish is not only to focus on admissions abroad, but also locally! This is why many of our videos are targeted towards universities such as LUMS, NUST and FAST – which are all fantastic institutes to attend (many of our team members even study there!).

As time has progressed, we have moved from a package-based, to hourly and now to an AI-based education consultancy. Through this, the quality of advice has astronomically increased and costs have become highly affordable.

And we’re not stopping here. Let’s make counseling accessible to all, together! πŸŽ‰ 

Shayan Faisal
Founder Qalam, LUMS'25

HaveΒ Any Counseling Questions?
We have Answers!

Don’t find your question here? Send us a query – we’d love to help you out! πŸ‘‡

Will LUMS AI write complete essays for me?

Absolutely! If you ask it for a full essay, LUMS AI would be more than happy to write your essays with over three years of training content.Β 

Can LUMS AI help me in filling applications?

Absolutely - LUMS AI is trained on filling the application as well, and is fully versed on the video Qalam has made (which you can find here).

What type of content is LUMS AI trained on?

LUMS AI is trained on a plethora of details, ranging from YouTube videos we have made over the years, to essays that have been collected from successfully admitted students, along with a host of content which was used to help students our team was counseling.

What about the uniqueness and quality of the essays?

While Qalam cannot assure of any overlaps, LUMS AI is in specific trained to build essays which are both unique and built in accordance with the successful essays in our database.

Can you help with extracurriculars?

Absolutely! The Qalam Extracurricular service is present to help students in gathering activities quickly - with specific categorization and a trained AI to garner co-curriculars in accordance with your choice of major.

It has both online and in-person activities, which allows students to pick and choose as they like.

In addition, we stress upon online extracurriculars within it so that activities may be gathered in quicker time.Β Β 

AnyΒ Extracurricular Questions?
We have Answers!

Don’t find your question here? Send us a query – we’d love to help you out! πŸ‘‡

How will Qalam Extracurricular work?

Once you purchase a package, you will instantly be given access to our Extracurricular Database, which has categories ranging from computer science, to environmental management.Β You will also be sent emails as new extracurriculars come along to inform you of new opportunities!Β 

Can Extracurricular AI help me in choosing activities?

Absolutely! Extracurricular AI is synced with all the activities in our database and is more than ready to help on your academic journey.

There are a variety of abilities it holds, which you can find detailed here!

What type of extracurriculars do you have in your database?

On Qalam Extracurricular, our team posts a variety of opportunities for students to access. This ranges from online courses, certifications and activities to in-person internships, events and community service. Our main focus is online, in order for our extracurriculars to be accessible to most students.

Will Qalam Extracurricular really help in building an activity list?

Absolutely! Qalam Extracurricular holds enough online courses and in-person activities for students to truly diversify their portfolio. We have provided a focus on online extracurriculars, which are much easier to do, incredibly accessible and quickly achievable. If you follow the advice on Extracurricular AI, this is something which can be extremely lucrative for your applications!

My university deadline is soon. Can Qalam Extracurricular help me?

This really depends on what you mean by soon. If it's within a few days, that might be difficult. However, if you have a week or more, it is entirely possible to spend a good few hours on learning and garnering certifications which can prove to be incredibly helpful on your applications!Β