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Salam Mansoor,

I’ve trained this model on just the Instagram content you’ve made around universities in the last 30 posts. In addition, I’ve also included our LUMS Counselor AI so that you can see the possible functionality that exists in that route. 

Selling information can often be difficult as it requires work on the customer’s end, but this model is definitely here to revolutionize that end. It’s already proven it’s mark with over 30 members just last month, specifically for LUMS – with almost the entire revenue being profit.

I’m more than certain that we can help you do the same with your audience as well. With minimal workload around making the AI, we can market this in a fantastic manner to generate enormous returns.

Looking forward to working with you soon.

true value ~ PKR 200,000 after order tallying

Mansoor's Demo AI ⭐

*trained on your Instagram post captions spanning up to 30 posts before

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LUMS Counselor AI ⚡

If you're ready to get started, I'd love to hop on a call and discuss more! 👏

If you’re comfortable with a call, feel free to set one up easily via Calendly down below. Otherwise, you can reach out to me directly at shayanfaisal@qalamcounseling.com, or on my Instagram here – wherever it’s easiest for you!

Shayan Faisal

Founder Qalam | LUMS'25

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