IBA Counselor AI ⚑

⭐ IMPORTANT: AI Detection

IBA Counselor AI is trained on a host of data surrounding the university, such as essays, essay tips, all of our video content, extracurricular understanding around IBA, multiple admission criteria and a plethora of Q&As.

It is told, in specific, to make your essays a unique piece, and knows how to write personal statements that the university would like.

However, always remember to add your own flair to the article.Β 

Although it is not common practice, AI detection can be used at random for any student.Β I would want all of my students to have complete security in their admissions.Β 

Make sure to add your own, human touch to the essay. Do not copy, word-for-word IBA AI, or any other. Here’s a few good AI detectors to check your essays.

Here are tools to help bypass AI detection, which I found immensely helpful. Please make sure to check them afterwards.

Try to break up the essay into short chunks for this.

As a student, my credentials were 90.18% in the Matric, 7A*s and 82.7% in F.Sc 😎

In addition, my essay (which you can find here) was rated 7/10Β πŸ˜€Β – and the AI is trained on multiple successful essays to give you the best recommendations!Β 

IBA AI is trained on all of our video content, details on IBA admissions we have accumulated over the years, such as scholarships, admission requirements, a huge number of Q&As. πŸ“ƒ

Feel free to inquire about it’s different modes to learn more! And, In case you find something missing in the AI, feel free to recommend about it below.Β πŸ‘

  • Essay Mode: Specific guidance for essay writing tailored to IBA applications.
  • Q&A Mode:Β Answers to frequently asked questions about IBA applications.
  • General Help Mode:Β Information about IBA admissions, application, etc.
  • Chance Me Mode:Β Tell the student their chances of getting into IBA in accordance with their credentials (of course, around the pre-existing averages)
  • Application Recommendation Mode:Β What part of the application students can focus on after evaluation
  • Important Link Recommendations:Β Give students links to key YouTube videos and links which are present in the databaseΒ