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ExtraGuide AI serves as an expert helper to your co-curricular journey.

This AI is synced with all the activities present on our website, and can help you make great strides in getting your application a mark above the rest!

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Self-Assessment Mode:Β Evaluate your extracurricular profile by inputting your activities and goals. Receive detailed insights and recommendations on improving the diversity, depth, and leadership aspects of your engagements.

Comparison Mode:Β Compare your extracurricular activities against successful profiles, leveraging historical data. Receive suggestions for adjustments to align your profile with successful admission standards.

  • Goal-Based Recommendations:Β Discuss your aspirations to receive personalized recommendations for extracurricular activities. Recommendations are tailored to complement your objectives, focusing on diversity and impactful engagements.
  • Interactive Exploration:Β Explore various extracurricular options based on historical data. Get introduced to activities aligned with trends and successful outcomes, guiding you towards a well-rounded profile.
  • Advice Mode:Β Get comprehensive guidance on maximizing the impact of extracurricular activities, balancing academics, securing leadership roles, and optimizing experiences in university applications, based on successful strategies derived from historical data.

Extracurricular Planner: Plan your extracurricular engagements using successful pathways and trends. Set goals and milestones based on historical profiles for a balanced approach in your academic journey.

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