Zain ul Abadeen
Zain ul Abadeen

Zain ul Abadeen

  • Rawalpindi, Punjab
Languages I know
  • Urdu
  • English

A brief introduction - credentials, such as extracurriculars, SAT scores, grades & countries you're interested in.

I’m a BS Software student currently in my final year. I have done my extensive research and out of this whole world, I have come down to just one university. It’s called Mont Clair State University. For MS Digital Marketing. Yes, I am changing fields because I have been working in digital marketing for the past 2 years along with my BS. I chose MSU because it is comparatively less costly and is located in a good location. 

What I am interested in is a scholarship because I don’t have good grades (2.6-7 CGPA) and a Duolingo score of 135. Kindly if you have any suggestions please share.

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