minahil masood
minahil masood

minahil masood

a pre med trying to figure out life
  • Lahore, Punjab
Languages I know
  • Urdu
  • English

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Hey so I recently gave the mcat . My mcat score is 157/200 and Nums score is 133/ 150. However my FSc score is pretty low, it’s 824/1100. My matric score is 1083/1100.  As my FSc score is low for applying to any good university I am giving retakes to increase this score to at least 900.  I am interested in Lums science school but I am unsure if I can get into SSE with this score. I won’t be taking SAT because as a pre-med it will be difficult for me to score good in a test involving mathematics. I will be giving LCAT . 

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