Ibrahim Ashfaq
Ibrahim Ashfaq

Ibrahim Ashfaq

Help me! LOL
  • Lahore, Punjab
Languages I know
  • Urdu

A brief introduction - credentials, such as extracurriculars, SAT scores, grades & countries you're interested in.

Hey, my full name is Ibrahim Ashfaq. Currently, I’m Studying Computer science in my college , I’ve just given my 11th grade exams just waiting for the result , as time being I’m collection knowledge about American universities for example, which one will be good for me because i want to study Business in future, preparing for my SAT exams and so on. Sometimes , some things are so difficult not just for me , for everyone because they are applying for the first time as an undergraduate they don’t have enough knowledge to have a right direction, same as i have some important questions to know about but here i have no good consultation, so  i hope this platform will help me to reach out my goals.

1: I would like to apply for American universities because many of them gives good financial aid to those ho cant afford fee.

2: I’m more involved in extracurricular activities such as Following:

    I was the captain of my college Football team , when i was the captain we had won 4 Grand Tournament in Football.

    I was the head boy of my college.

    and so on.

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