Hayat Ahmad
Hayat Ahmad

Hayat Ahmad

  • Lahore, Punjab
Languages I know
  • Urdu
  • English

A brief introduction - credentials, such as extracurriculars, SAT scores, grades & countries you're interested in.

  • Research Intern at NUST
    • Providing assistance in the creation of a website to connect professors and other members of academia to students for research opportunities
  • IT Intern at Tetra Pak Pakistan
    • Providing essential support and assistance in various technical tasks. Hardware and software issues, assisting with network maintenance.
  • Web Development
    • Served as a Web Developer at my school creating websites with over 1000+ visitors, serving as a registration portal for events.
  • Part Time Job
    • Worked at the local subway restaurant as a Sandwich Artist, receiving employee of the month
  • IT Intern at Shaukhat Khanum
    • Worked in data entry, digitizing old paper records into their database
  • School Robotics Team/ IT Society
    • Part of the school robotics team, taking part at National Engineering and Robotics Competition achieving 3rd position overall nationally.
  • Prefect / Part of Student Body
    • Serving as a prefect in the current A level council at Lahore Grammar School JT
  • Creative Director at ECODOSTI (NGO)
    • Served as the creative director of a local NGO, organizing social media posts and graphic designing
  • Video Editor at MOJZA
    • Serving as the lead video editor at Mojza, a notes platform 
  • Created the first ever 3D Modelling sub event in the school event circuit
  • Volunteer at NGP 
  • 3D Art page on Instagram (shiftnum.0)
  • Sub event head for an Engineering sub event at our schools science event
  • 2nd Position at National Science Bowl regionals
  • O level High Achiever Award
  • 100 Percent A level Merit Scholarship 

Currently have a 1390 (670 English 720 Maths)

6 A*s and 4As in O levels

A* In CS, A in Phys, B in Chem and C in maths in AS Mids

A* in CS and Physics and B in Chem and Maths AS Final

Maths grade is improving after mids and I’ve gotten straight A*s in sessionals 

I’m a Canadian Citizen wanting to apply to Canada and the US. If I get a good SAT score in the next SAT I want to apply to U Penn as they provide financial aid to Canadians.

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