Amelia Sarfraz
Amelia Sarfraz

Amelia Sarfraz

  • Lahore, Punjab
Languages I know
  • Urdu
  • English

A brief introduction - credentials, such as extracurriculars, SAT scores, grades & countries you'reย interestedย in.

My name is Amelia Sarfraz, My o levels grades are 8A*s. I was the head girl of beaconhouse girls branch,faisalabad, In A levels I was the President of the Music Society at Beaconhouse College Programme,Faisalabad. My SAT score is pending. I will give SAT in december and A level results are also pending.I have already gotten 1A in biology but due to some of my cambridge exams getting cancelled in may june i got bad grades in physics and chemistry (2Cs) however i wish to reappear in them. I am now forced to take a gap year. so i will be giving urdu in oct nov, SAT in december and physics,chemistry and maths in may june next year.I have also done summer school at lums, have won an interschool singing competition, i also won a gold medal in an interschool table tennis tournament recently which is an interest i developed very recently and became really good at it. I have been a gold medalist since middle school, and have also been an active participator in many extra curriculars but before a levels, during my o levels time, such as DAWN SPELLING BEE, PARTICIPATION IN SWIMMING COMPETITIONS, WRITING COMPETITIONS AND ALSO WON A FEW POSITIONS IN DECLAMATIONS.I wish to apply to the US. I only want to apply to the IVY leagues, Johns hopkins, MIT, and Stanford and can only go to the US provided that i get 100% scholarship.i want to apply for computer science

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