Abdul Rauf
Abdul Rauf

Abdul Rauf

  • Hyderabad, Sindh
Languages I know
  • Urdu
  • German
  • English

A brief introduction - credentials, such as extracurriculars, SAT scores, grades & countries you're interested in.

Hi. My extra curriculars mainly include community service, engaging in civil rights activism. I sometimes write in a student-run magazine. I also founded a youth activist organisation along with my friends. We then founded another Political Activist Organisation’s Chapter in our city, the parent political organisation works at a national level. I conducted Rural Outreach programs to raise awareness about political issues, women’s rights, civil rights. I also conducted educational outreach programs mainly in schools in Underprivileged/ rural areas which mainly focused on physics and science. 

My percentage in Matric is 85%, i also did O levels privately. I am appearing for SAT in November. My intermediate results haven’t came yet

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