Mohammad Ahmed
Mohammad Ahmed

Mohammad Ahmed

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  • Lahore, Punjab
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As an individual who finds inspiration in the power of data, I’ve been fortunate to achieve commendable academic results. My O-level grades of 8A* and 2As, accompanied by A-level results of 2A* and 2As, along with a SAT score of 2280, have provided a strong foundation for my educational journey. I am currently pursuing a Business Analytics Degree from Central European University in Vienna, following my undergraduate studies at Lahore University of Management Sciences, where I achieved a GPA of 3.32.

Through my experiences in research projects and internships, I have developed a passion for utilising data to make well-informed decisions. While I am still learning and growing, I hope to leverage my knowledge and skills to assist students in their admissions journey, supporting them in achieving their academic aspirations. Together, let’s explore the possibilities and work towards making a positive impact in the lives of aspiring students.


  • Lahore University of Management Sciences
  • Pakistan
  • August 2016 - July 2020
  • Central European University, Vienna
  • Austria
  • September 2022 - Present
The degree is MS Business Analytics with an Artificial Intelligence track.

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