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Qalam Counselors have extensive access to online counseling widgets & functionality, specifically designed to make the application process all the more efficient!

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Top commission rates

Earn up to 80% commission on every client you book, with all withdrawals processed quickly and digitally.

Effective marketing tools

Reach more clients and grow your business with our four top-end marketing tools. At Qalam, we're here to help you get started.

Entirely digital setup

Create your profile, set your rates, and start scheduling appointments all from the comfort of your own home.

we help you get students

Explore amazing tools,
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With Qalam, you’re not starting out alone. We’re here to help you get set up on your counseling journey!

Deadline Calendar

With the Qalam Deadline Calendar, Counselors are able to access a host of students subscribed to it, host webinars for them and direct them to their profiles for bookings!

*only available to Qalam Counselors

Newsletter Mentions

With the Qalam Newsletter, students are able to receive information about deadlines, scholarships & are also referred Counselors fit to provide guidance for those countries!

*coming soon to Qalam Counselors 

University Short VLOG

With students being able to see you physically in the institute, this tool greatly helps garner an audience which trusts you. Shayan Faisal, a counselor for LUMS, started with this!

You'll only need to add the raw footage, we'll handle the rest!

*coming soon to Qalam Counselors 

Profile Sharing

To get you started on your counseling journey, Qalam shares the profiles of counselors offering free meetings to get reviews from students!

*coming soon to Qalam Counselors 

Social Q&As

At Qalam, we work extra hard to make content for our students. Through our extensive social reach, we allow counselors to host Q&As and share their profile links!

*coming soon to Qalam Counselors 

everything you need

All in one place.

Qalam works hard to ensure that both our counselors and students are able to work together most efficiently 

Design Your Profile

Create a profile that showcases your services, counseling experience, and personality.

Personal Hourly Rate

Set your own hourly rate and earn what you're worth. Qalam Counseling doesn't take a cut of your earnings.

View Student Profiles

Learn more about your clients before your sessions by viewing their profiles. You can see their goals, interests, and any other information they've chosen to share.

Set Meeting Slots

Control your schedule and set your own meeting slots. You can choose to offer individual sessions, group sessions, or both.

Instant Notifications​

Receive instant notifications when you book a new client or receive a message. This way, you can stay organized and responsive.

Withdraw Earnings

Withdraw your earnings quickly and easily with our digital withdrawal system.

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