How much can I earn as a Qalam counselor?

This depends on your hourly rate, experience & how much the students can benefit from you. Qalam does not set a default rate for you, this is something you get to decide for yourself. Accordingly, students book meetings with you, and the funds are handed over according to our withdrawal policy.

Can I become a Qalam counselor?

If you’re diligent, hardworking & possess proof of success within the processes you wish to work in – most definitely! Here’s a complete guide on how counseling at Qalam works.

What are the qualifications of Qalam Counseling counselors?

Qalam Counseling counselors are verified and specialized in guiding students through the university application process. Our counselors have gone through the processes themselves and received acceptances & offers from the universities they counsel for. Our team verifies their credentials & takes them on-board after a stringent identification process. If you want

What are the benefits of using Qalam Counseling?

The benefits of using Qalam Counseling include having access to verified counselors who are specialized in guiding students through the university application process. The platform also offers easy online consultations and has counselors accepted from those universities so that you will get advice from first-hand experience. ๐Ÿ“

What is Qalam Counseling?

ย Qalam Counseling is an online counseling platform that helps students apply to universities around the world. The platform offers counseling services in over 7 countries and has counselors who are verified and specialized in guiding students.